HCM 4 Haircuts That Erase Years

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    4 Haircuts That Erase Years
    Look younger in an hour with simple changes to the style and color of your hair. Check out these tress transformations, compliments of the pros at the Rita Hazan Salon in New York City, and learn how to turn back the clock—today!
    From ho-hum…
    Catherine Winters, 58, writer
    Before: Catherine’s too-blunt bangs overpowered her beautiful blue eyes and bone structure, and her naturally almost jet- black shade was too severe against her fair skin—highlighting every wrinkle and brown spot.
    After: Graduated layers at the crown create fullness and help highlight her features. “Fine vietnam hair can look flat and straggly if it isn’t layered,” says stylist Luden Henriquez. To warm up her complexion and take the focus off her freckles, colorist Adrian Wallace applied a slightly lighter base color and caramel highlights. “It’s not a big difference, just enough to make her look softer and younger—but still allow her eyes to pop.” Says Catherine, “This layering gives my fine hair volume—and a touch of mischief.” Bonus: Because dye swells the hair shaft, her tresses look thicker too.
    Maria Perez, 56, legal assistant
    Before: Maria’s hair was long but wholesale hair shapeless and hard for her to style (that’s the reason she often wore it pulled back). Its orangy tone—a common scenario when women with dark hair go lighter—made her warm, olive skin sallow.

    After: Face-framing layers add softness and accentuate Maria’s eyes and cheekbones, while longer layers throughout the rest of her hair build youthful body and movement. “The fullness also gives her face a little lift— hair extensions not that she needs it,” says Henriquez. To counteract brassiness, Wallace brought Maria’s hair back to her natural rich brunette color but wove in golden highlights to boost brightness and keep the hair color from looking flat. “The depth of the shade makes her skin more radiant and her eye color more intense,” Wallace says. In fact, Maria’s fabulous results disprove the general rule that you should always go lighter as you get older.

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