Hà Nội 5 Ways to Add Colour To Naturally Dark And Black Hair

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    5 Ways to Add Colour To Naturally Dark And Black Hair

    1.Try Tinting Your Hair
    If you’re looking for a more subtle wash of colour, rather than a bold colour, a tint could be your first port of call.
    Whilst bleach works by stripping pigment out of the hair, a tint works by lifting the hair trend 2019 and depositing tone into the hair shaft to achieve the desired result. A tint will lift the hair for 50 minutes and deposit tone for the last 10 minutes of the process. This makes it less damaging compared to bleach, which continues to work until it’s washed out.
    Tinting the hair is suitable for going few shades lighter, even a high lift tint will only bring up to 5 levels of lift. It’s also important to consider your hair colour history as tint cannot lift existing tint within the hair.

    ‘Bleaching the hair removes] pigments in the hair shaft, making the hair colour lighter. Lighter hair is a lot easier to bleach as it has less pigments in it and the pigments in darker hair are much stronger.’
    If you’ve already got lighter pieces through your Vietnam hair you can even have pastel shades. Schwarzkopf Pastel Sprays get sealed into hair with a blow dry but wash out over time for an easy (and easily reversible) change of tone. They’re good for refreshing your colour tone or revamping an old ombré look without having to opt for a full new ‘do.

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