Hà Nội 7 braid hairstyles for the fall

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    7 braid hairstyles for the fall
    The skeleton braid style is simple but still expresses the young, dynamic and feminine of women in all circumstances. You should start with shampoo and dry your single drawn hair with essential oils and spray to increase the volume of your Vietnam human hair. After the hair is dry, comb and gently brush your hair. One by one the lock of the hair is neatly tucked in and fixed by small sponges and toothpicks
    Small Fishtail braid
    Fishtail braid hair can be a common beauty, but if you know how to use them properly, it will create a subtle effect for your hair. Choose a lock of hair extensions of moderate thickness at the nape of neck and then plait small fishtail double drawn hair for this lock of hair. Squeeze the entire hair up high in the ponytail and reveal the fish tail cleverly.
    If you are looking for eminine hairstyle that is so gentle, then side fishtail braid is definitely a perfect choice. You need a normal braid from the long bangs to the hair on the nape. From the back of your hair, tuck the hair in the tail of the fish to the end of your hair and tie them together with the elastic band. Do not forget to spray a glue to keep this hair fancy
    Pull-through Braid
    As a gentle autumn wind, pull-through braid is suitable for ladies of all ages, just as you own a little hair. The steps are also very simple by drying the curls into the folds and plaid normally to one side. After the feast is over, loosen curls of the braids so that they will let hair straight down naturally on your shoulders

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