HCM How to make a full lace wig with lace closure?

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    How to make a full lace wig with lace closure?
    Nylon thread is highly recommend because it is more durable than cotton and quite cheap enough for all of us. Moreover, the nylon thread which is silky is quite easy for using with needle.
    You need a lot of pins available to make the process easier. Sometimes you need pins to twist up or hold the hair part or to see the hair trend colour. It is advisable for you to prepare some types of pins from small to large depending on your hair amount.
    Don’t forget these 2 things! These things should be measured carefully to be in the same size with your head because you will make the wig based on these things. Make sure that the weaving cap should be in the good quality which is friendly to scalp. If it is too thick, sweat couldn’t vaporize, if it too thin, your wig can be easy to tear. The dome cap is most suitable to make a wig.
    5. Lace closure and some hair wefts
    Of course! Making sure that you choose the right type of lace closure and hair wefts, someone prefer ombre effect must be consider the blonde colour is in harmony. One more important thing is that the wholesale hair extension will be your great choice to make a wig!
    Moving on to the next step of sewing the other hair wefts. From our experience, you should start with the longest bundle at the bottom to gain the natural look, if you want the ombre effect, you should start with the darkest bundle.
    Placing the first weft on the bottom from ear to ear and using 2 T pins to hold the 2 ends of the weft. Then we use the similar technique to thread the weft to the dome cap. Remember to loop twice at the beginning and the end and loop 1 time for each stitch and hold the excess thread by the left hand and stitching by your right hand.
    Notice: you shouldn’t thread through the cap except the beginning and the last stitch, just let your needle run between 2 layers of the cap (that’s why your cap need to be thick enough).
    Next, moving on to the new row, some people prefer cut in into smaller pieces but in fact, it is unnecessary, you can thread all the weft with 1 threading line. Because the first weft at the bottom, it should be the narrowest weft and the next weft is wider to fit with the head size. You can imagine that you are threading the latitude of the Earth on the mannequin’s head! Using the same threading technique to sew the weft. Sometimes you don’t have the long enough weft to fit the width of the head, you have to join 2 or 3 weft together on the same threading line. In this situation, you should do double-loop stitch at the joint of 2 wefts and then continue your threading line.

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