HCM Ways to choose right part for each face shape

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    Ways to choose right part for each face shape
    The girl who are square and angular face, often see that part Vietnam virgin hair still not soft. That is because the part is not deep enough. You need more long bangs or side parting. Especially the deep side part with the bouffant bangs will help - create the length of the square face, so that the overall becomes more relaxed and less angles
    Oval faces
    The hair should be: All types of part
    If you have oval face, congratulations, you are the hair color trend 2019 most beautiful face in the world and can change your appearance with all different types of part. From the central part, side part to deep side part and the bangs always match with i tip hair oval face
    Hair should be for: Deep side part
    Faces with pointed chin often lack the fullness, clip in hair extensions and the deep side part is an effective alternative to this. Not only makes the triangle face look fuller and gentler, the deep side is also relaxed, cover the cheek more naturally and make the whole face softer.
    Long faces
    Hair should be left: central part or bangs hair

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